Can you do PMS color matches?

We will try to match your colors as closely as possible but cannot guarantee an exact match.

What tape widths are available?

We print on 2” wide tape and 3” wide tape. 1″ and 1.5″ wide tape is available by special quote.

How wide can my impression be?

We can print to 1/4 inch of the edge of the tape. On 2” tape the print can be 1 1/2 “ high and on 3” tape the print can be 2 1/2“ high.

What is repeat length?

Repeat length is the distance from the beginning of the impression (text, logo, etc.) to the beginning of the next impression. If the text you wanted to print measured 4” long and it was printed with a 6” repeat there would be 2” of space before the text printed again.

What repeat length should I use?

Most companies use printed tape for security and advertising; we recommend that a repeat length that will give at least one full impression across the top of the average box being shipped. If the average box seal length is 12” we would recommend a 6” or 8” repeat.

What repeat lengths are available?

We have available repeat lengths of 6″, 7″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 13″ and 15″.

What are the standard ink colors?

Click here to view our standard ink colors.

Are other ink colors available?

Yes, other colors are available for an additional charge. Please click here for details.

Are other tape colors available?

Many other PMS colors are available and we will try to match. We will try to match your colors as closely as possible but cannot guarantee an exact match.

What are the standard tape colors?

Clear, White, and Tan.

How am I sure the order will be printed correctly?

After we receive your artwork, we will make a “printers proof” and email it to you in a .pdf format. You would then print the proof and carefully check the accuracy, placement of text, spelling, tape width, ink color etc. Then you would sign your approval and fax it back to us at (425) 481-6844.

What is the lead time for a printed tape order?

Lead time is dependent upon approval by you of the finished artwork. Once the artwork is approved we generally will print and ship the order within 10 business days.

What is the return policy for a custom tape?

Once a custom image and color are approved, the final shipped product cannot be returned or credited.

What tape do you print on?

We primarily print on tape manufactured by Shurtape of Hickory, North Carolina. They provide us with Polypropylene Tape in 2.0 mil, 2.5 mil and 3.0 mil thickness.

Is a proof available?

For every custom order we provide a proof at no charge to you in .pdf format so you can inspect it and advise us of any changes necessary.

What mil thickness tape should I use?

We recommend 2.0 mil for most shipping of boxes weighing up to 40 pounds.

We recommend 2.5 mil for most shipping of boxes weighing up to 60 pounds.

We recommend 3.0 mil for most shipping of boxes weighing more than 60 pounds.